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At Hazell & Field we have pioneered Cloud Accounting systems in Forbes and the Central West. We recognised very early that cloud accounting systems would completely revolutionize the landscape for accountants and small businesses.

We have now successfully implemented online accounting systems to over 300 small businesses throughout Forbes and the Central West. We continue to support these businesses to ensure they are enjoying the cost and time efficiency gains that cloud accounting systems can provide.

One of the key spin-offs of cloud based accounting systems is the timeliness of financial information. Because true cloud based accounting files are internet based and “live”, financial information such as bank transaction data is readily available. This can be beneficial in two ways. Firstly, up-to-date financial statements can be prepared immediately after balance date, allowing key business decisions to be made quickly and reliably. Secondly, the time and money saved on the accounting compliance function can be channeled into our value-add advice.

Here’s your opportunity to join the new wave of clever business people who have embraced cloud based accounting systems; speak to us about how we can help revolutionize your business.

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